There is wisdom in all ways of knowing — the trick is in applying them to the right situations.

As a self-proclaimed weirdo, I feel very fortunate to have found a tribe of people willing to indulge me with esoteric conversation. Which is how, while pondering some feedback I had in regards to an article I wrote on “being in the moment,” I ended up having this discussion (I’m…

How play got me through the trials of this past year and helped me regain my focus, creativity, and connection

No matter how you look at it, 2020 was a tough year for everybody. I was fortunate in that some previous life challenges had been resolved, freeing up vital energy. It also probably helped that my fascination with change can compensate for its anxiety-provoking properties. But, despite this, the year…

Why it’s important to focus on cultivating thoughtfulness rather than on thoughts themselves.

My friend, Marie, told me a story about an experience I believe most of us can identify with. When she was a teenager, she had not yet met anyone who identified as being in gender transition (or “trans”) or as gender fluid. She was with a friend in a public…

Bethany Dugas

I’m a business trainer specializing in workplace wellness and environmental sustainability. In my spare time I dabble as a mad scientist and street philosopher.

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