Planting Trees Was Life Changing

I Got To Know Myself As Never Before

“Tree planting” by 2hoursperweek is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Everyone Is A Rookie Once

Everyone Starts From Scratch

Photo by Anaya Katlego on Unsplash
Deer on clear cut land, photograph by author

I Learned My Superpower Was Also My Weakness — I Don’t Give Up

Me after running my second marathon, with a stomach bug, something I may not have accomplished had I not planted trees. Photo by author’s husband, Jody Dugas.

Sometimes I Was Just A Bag of Meat and Bones — And That Was Okay

“Permadirt” on hands. Photograph by author.

I Discovered the Limits of Being My Own Company

I Stopped Sweating the Small Stuff

“Make do” rain gear. Photo by author.

I Learned We All Have Our Stories

So, Was Planting Trees My “Destiny”? Did I Find What I Needed?

My husband and me planting trees. Photo by author.

I’m a business trainer specializing in workplace wellness and environmental sustainability. In my spare time I dabble as a mad scientist and street philosopher.

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